Gagriel Zatombliansky

Gabriel Jatombliansky is back!!!!!!!

It is well known that scammers are generally based in Cyprus, while they are operating from within and outside Cyprus.

Experienced in scamming people, Gabriel Jatombliansky is running a new scam from Cyprus, for cryptocurrencies and forex.

Who is Gabriel Jatombliansky? Experienced in sales and retention, Gabriel Jatombliansky has been approaching clients trying to convince them to trade. How is he doing it? He is providing advises to clients how to trade, on which instruments, when to trade, he is even accessing clients’ personal computers remotely and trading on their behalf. Not to mention that Gabriel Zatombliansky is not competent nor authorized to advise clients on how to trade. As per the information publicly available, held “Advance” certificate from CySEC, at one point of time, however the certification has been removed from him by CySEC.

Gabriel Jatombliansky is related to companies which are performing “doggy business”. Although some of them may be regulated, it is not the guaranteed that the Companies and/or their employees are obeying by the rules. Gabriel Jatombliansky is claiming to be a Retention Manager at OBR Invest, Cyprus Investment Firm, which seem to be related to scamming people by providing advises while the company does not hold a license for providing investment advise, not to mention the people working for the company.

Gabriel Jatombliansky is also related to BForex. There are no words to explain the scam run by BForex. The Company is unregulated and claims to have Headquarters in Switzerland and operational address in Cyprus, customer service number in the UK, has been blacklisted by Forex Peace Army, a warning issued by French AMF, BVI FSC and so on.

Gabriel Jatombliansky is running boiling rooms from Paphos: Leoforos Archiepiskopou III, Yeroskipou Paphos. It is not clear which company he is claiming to represent from his hiding place, but is it certain that he is scamming people. Gabriel Jatombliansky sub-rent a part of other business, like the one currently used in Leofofor Archiepiskopou III, Geroskipou, Pafos, and believes that no-one will look him. Gabriel Jatombliansky is doing what he knows the best, manipulate with less knowledgeable investors, convince them when and how to trade on Forex and cryptocurrencies and what happens later is not his concern. However, scamming from Cyprus is not only falling under CySEC authority and concern. More serious offence commented by Gabriel Jatombliansky is obtaining personal information from individuals, while operating from Cyprus, while not complying with GDPR requirements about the processing of personal data of natural persons. How little Gabriel Zatombliansky knows about the information provided to Pafos police, CySEC and even to the Global Data Protection Commission in Cyprus about the offences that are made, continuously, by Gabriel Zatombliansky. It is the matter of time for relevant actions to take place and not only against Gabriel Jatombliansky, but against all scammers operating from Pafos, thinking that there is nothing there to stop them.